Creating a workspace

Creating an account

Click on the Sign up for free button, as shown below, to create an account on Spiti. Currently, we only support signing up with your email or with your Google account.

Creating a workspace

Once logged in, you will be asked to create a new workspace by filling in a few details. Your workspace URL is pre-filled for you from the workspace name. You can always edit it on the Settings page. We take you through a short onboarding experience to help you familiarize yourself with uploading videos and creating playlists.

By default, your workspace is on the free forever plan until you upgrade your account to a STARTER or PRO plan.

Pre-filled sample playlists

You'll see a few sample playlists on the left panel. These empty playlists help you get started and organize your existing videos if they fit into the pre-filled categories. Go ahead and delete playlists you think are irrelevant to your organization.