Manage user roles

Spiti supports 2 types of users — Admin and Member. Manage users and their roles from this page. Admins can do everything a member can do. However, only an Admin has write-access on the General, Members, and Billing pages.

Member access

A user with a Member role can access all playlists shared with them. This means a member can watch any video, add comments, perform share actions, edit titles and descriptions, edit transcripts, edit speaker labels, and delete and lock a playlist accessible to them.

A user with a Member role can also copy the Member invite link to invite other team members.

Admin rights

Admins can do everything a member can and have the following additional rights.

General - Workspace settings:

  • Edit Workspace name
  • Edit Workspace URL
  • Reset the Member invite link
  • Add or remove domains to Allowed domains

Members - Team members:

  • Edit a user’s role from the drop-down
  • Remove a user from your workspace


  • View billing history and access previous invoices
  • Change plans — Upgrade/Downgrade