Public Playlists

Spiti videos and entire playlists can be shared with anyone by enabling public sharing. Unlike Spiti Connect, public videos and playlists can be accessed through an unlisted link, without logging in to Spiti Workspace. Additionally, unlike Spiti Connect, videos, and playlists shared using an unlisted link are not secure and monitored.

To understand how public playlists work, picture unlisted links on YouTube. When you make a video or playlist on Spiti Public, you can share it with anyone. This means that anyone with the link can access the content.

Capabilities of Public Playlist on Spiti

  • Share individual videos with anyone using public access links.
  • Share entire playlists with anyone using public access links.
  • The comments section is disabled for public access. This means that while the video or playlist within a verified workspace has all capabilities if a user is viewing it from a public access link, they can only watch and not interact with the video(s).
  • Disable the public access link at any time, disabling access to anyone who previously had access.

How to unlist a video

  • Go to Your Library > click on the edit icon
  • In the video edit page, on the right panel, toggle on “Make Video public”
  • Copy and share the link with anyone or hyperlink in public pages.
  • You can toggle off from here at any time.

How to unlist a playlist

  • Open the playlist you want to share using an unlisted link.
  • Click on the share icon
  • From the drop-down, toggle on Make Video Public. Copy the link to share.