AI Summary and more

Generating video summaries and action items with generative AI is the latest addition to Spiti Video Library. It saves you a ton of time and helps you skim through just the important bits of a video. The Action Items is designed to help you note specific tasks or actions that need to be taken based on discussions, decisions, or outcomes from a meeting.

Generating AI Summaries:

  • Once the video is transcribed, you can generate AI Summary.
  • Click on the "Generate Summary" button to generate an AI summary for the video.
  • Two types of summaries are generated — paragraph form and key takeaways in the form of bullet points.

Regenerating, editing and sharing AI Summaries:

Regenerating, editing, and sharing AI summaries give you flexibility and control over the generated content, allowing you to customize and share the summaries.

Regenerating AI Summaries:

  • If you're unsatisfied with the initial AI-generated summary, Spiti allows you to regenerate it. Click on the Regenerate button associated with the summary.
  • Only the selected Summary form will be regenerated when you click on the Regenerate button. Eg:. If you are currently on the Action items card, only the Action Items will get regenerated.
  • A generated summary can also be manually edited using the . The changes will be auto-saved.

Generating AI Action Items:

You can also generate AI action items against each video.

  • Click on the "Generate Action Items" button to have the AI identify actionable tasks.
  • The AI will extract relevant action items and present them as actionable tasks.


Troubleshooting If you encounter any issues while using the AI Summary and AI Action Items feature, refer to the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that your uploaded videos are properly transcribed. If you notice any discrepancies or missing segments in the transcription, please report the issue to our support team.
  • Try refreshing the page if you're experiencing delays or errors during the generation process.

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions. Happy video summarizing and action planning!