What is Spiti?

Spiti is your private and internal video library for your team.

Companies are creating more and more video content, but access and distribution are ad-hoc, in the form of unlisted YouTube videos or in cloud storage such as Google Drive / Dropbox. Spiti enables teams to store and organize these videos in playlists so they are easy to access, distribute, and consume internally.

Think of Spiti as YouTube, but for all the videos that your team creates, organized into playlists with videos arranged sequentially. All videos uploaded to or recorded on Spiti are auto-transcribed and searchable.

Spiti offers powerful collaboration capabilities for sharing, embedding videos and playlists in your documentation and web pages, and interacting with your viewers.

These playlists can also be shared with people outside the team, decreasing the friction in knowledge sharing inside and outside the organization.

The following sections will walk you through each of the capabilities in detail.