Playlist controls

Playlist controls are actions you can take on a playlist that help you edit, share, and lock the playlist. Anyone with access to a playlist on your workspace can take any of these actions.

Editing a playlist

Anyone with access to a playlist on your workspace can edit a playlist. When you click on edit, you can do the following:

  • Edit the Playlist Title and Playlist Description.
    Click on Edit to see the editable fields in an active state, as shown below.
  • Rearrange the sequence of the playlist.
    The order in which videos are arranged in a playlist

Locking a playlist

To prevent accidental edits — to the title, description, or the sequence of a playlist, you can lock a playlist simply by clicking on the lock icon.

To make edits to a locked playlist, click on the locked icon to unlock and activate edit and share features.

Anyone in your organization with access to a playlist can lock/unlock a playlist.

Deleting playlist

When a playlist is deleted, only the playlist instance is deleted. The actual video that was in that playlist still remains in Your Library or the creator’s Library. If those videos were added to any other playlist, that would remain untouched.

To delete a playlist, click on edit, click on ‘Delete playlist’.

Note: deleting a playlist is an irreversible action.