Screenshot of Spiti app showing unwatched videos and playlists
Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly internal YouTube for your team.
Designed for a delightful user experience — easy to access and simple to navigate. Spiti is the fast way for teams to collaborate on internal videos, whether you're sitting side-by-side or scattered across the globe.
Spiti is designed to declutter and simplify how you organize and access your team videos. Control whom you share each playlist with — your entire organization, a selected few team members, or keep them private.
Create playlists Create playlists — intuitive, meaningful and easily accessible.
Auto-play Select a video playlist and continue watching, uninterrupted!
Playlist groups Choose who has access to each playlist. Keep them confidential.
Spiti makes it easy to curate all your videos. You don't have to worry about unifying all the videos across your scattered cloud folders. Fewer repetitive meetings, queries on Slack, fanatic searches through your inboxes and scattered folders on the cloud.
Zoom & Google Drive Integrations One-click Import multiple videos to save time.
Slack Integration Get notified on new videos, comments and keep everyone in sync.
Notion, Coda and web Embed single videos or entire playlists into your existing documentation.
Discoverability is the crux. At it's core, Spiti is created to remove barriers between you and the information you’re looking for. Content is easily accessible and you can pick up where you left off.
Smart feed A feed to find all the new and important content at a glance.
Intelligent search Search auto-transcripts to jump directly to what you're looking for.
Recommendation engine Recommends the most relevant content based on your interests.
We are in pursuit of better collaboration capabilities — both within the team and with other organizations. Powerful collaboration channels are designed to help you share securely, communicate meaningfully, and on your own terms.
Spiti Connect Share and collaborate externally on a dedicated private channel.
Public playlists Create unlisted playlists for your customers, and potential clients.
Restricted playlists Collaborate internally and keep access to sensitive content restricted.
Spiti unlocks powerful capabilities, insights, and value from your team's videos. Give time back to your customer success and leadership teams.
Spiti Screen Recorder Quickly record explainer videos, edit, and share with your team.
Auto-transcription & Speaker labels Auto transcribes & detects speakers for all videos to make search easy.
AI Summary & Action Items Generate AI Summary and Action Items. Edit, copy, and share in an instant.
It's time to ditch the old ways. Make the switch today.
Unlimited playlists
Public playlist
Spiti Connect
Unlimited team members
Embed in Notion, Coda & others
Auto transcriptions
Zoom, Google & Slack integrations
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