Spiti guest writer program
Spiti welcomes both technical and non-technical writers who can write long form blog content and articles on the following topics:

  • Documentation culture
  • Productivity at work
  • Videos for work and learning
  • How videos work
  • Your experience & best practices with documentation tools, etc.
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How does this program work?
If you have an interesting idea for a blog post on the above topics, write to writers@spiti.xyz with a proposal.

The proposal should have a title and a brief article overview in 3-5 sentences. Do mention links to previous articles you've written. We will get back to you in 3 days with the next steps.
Frequently asked questions
Who is eligible to apply?
Where do I author the blog?
How long should each article take?
Will I get paid?
How are payments processed?
Which languages are allowed?
Have more queries? Write to us at writers@spiti.xyz