The accidental discovery of remote work changed the way we work. Let's call this a serendipity.

Remote work made it possible for people across cities, countries, and continents to collaborate and get things done. What used to be adopted by only a handful of organizations has now become the norm. We used to enjoy working from home once in a while โ€” but things changed rather quickly.

Before the pandemic (we know it has been ages, but has it really?), approximately only 7% of the world's population worked remotely; six months in, that number grew to roughly 38%. This created challenges we weren't prepared for.

Increase in the amount of videos produced โ€” as meeting recordings, internal information, demos, sales pitches, customer conversations, etc โ€” has made video organization, finding, sharing, and collaboration a huge challenge. Since we are recording videos to serve a purpose, seamless access is critical.

Since remote work and distributed teams are here to stay for a long time, we deserve a better way to access and share team videos with ease. As the world stistruggles to cope with this abrupt change, organizations and individuals that adapt and learn to increase productivity while working remotely have a higher chance of coming out on the other side of this with a significant advantage. Better yet, we can learn to fall in love with working from home again.

So, here's the good news. We are here to declutter and make this ordeal better for you. We deserve better tools to handle our work-life, and this is why we're building Spiti โ€” a place where you will find all your team videos.

Spiti is your team's private YouTube.