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A private and powerful video library for teams that thrive on documentation
By now, you know what Spiti does. Now learn why we do what we do – and about the people building your internal video library.
A short tale about Spiti
Illustration of a person thinking about how to organize team videos
If you're here, it probably means you waste a lot of time at work looking for team videos. Or, you have a ton of work videos and haven't found the best way to organize and democratize access. Don't worry, you're not alone. But how did we get here?
Illustration of a person getting frustrated finding a meeting recording in Zoom Cloud and Google Drive
You recorded a Zoom or Google meeting, hoping to revisit or share it with your team. Perhaps you've done this every time you've had a meeting. Only, you can't seem to find it when you want. You've probably been creating videos — product demos, code walkthrough, design reviews, all hands, tech talks, onboarding — and diligently organizing them on the cloud. Except, it's neither easy to find nor easy to share.
Illustration of a person getting frustrated searching for information across multiple meeting recordings
You have 5 tabs open in 5 different tools, searching for something you are sure you've stored in one of them. Twenty minutes later, you still can't find it. You then forget about it, send an email about it, have a meeting for the same, or simply recreate it.
Illustration of a person getting overwhelmed with the number of videos they have to organize and share
Then, something (psst... read remote/hybrid work) happened in the year 2020, and the number of out-of-control videos multiplied by a large number! We weren't prepared! We tried using Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom Cloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and even Notion to organize and share these videos with our team and customers. Still, things didn't work out very well. These tools were not built to address this new problem. We were overwhelmed.
Illustration of a person at peace with using Spiti for team videos
Our team taped all the team video problems together and designed a comprehensive solution. We wanted to break away from the traditional way of simply storing engaging knowledge and context on the cloud. We wanted to make access to internal teams’ knowledge easy, engaging, and smooth. Spiti is a better way to store, share, collaborate, and engage with your team, customers, leads, and other organizations.
Sai, Founder of Spiti
Sai Founder
Therese, Founder of Spiti
Therese Founder
Vaishali, Product Designer at Spiti
Vaishali Product Designer
Meet our team We're dedicated to building the most powerful video library for teams.
Our investors Spiti is backed by some of the best angels who are ex-founders and investors of SaaS for the global market.
Aditya Singh, Partner at All in Capital Aditya Singh Partner, All in Capital
Anmol Maini, Partner at Untitled Ventures Anmol Maini Partner, Untitled Ventures
Kushal Bhagia, Partner at All in Capital Kushal Bhagia Partner, All in Capital
Kuldeep Dhankar, Chief Risk Officer at Last9 and Angel Investor Kuldeep Dhankar Building Last9
Prateek Sharma, Angel Investor Prateek Sharma Angel
Pravin Jadhav, Founder of Dhan Pravin Jadhav Founder, Dhan
Tarun Tiwari, Founder of Zostel and Director of Product Management at Nykaa Tarun Tiwari Angel
Vedica Kant, Partner at Untitled Ventures Vedica Kant Partner, Untitled Ventures